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To sell any good product, one of the principal things to consider is excellent photography that catches the interest of possible buyers. In jewelry photography, a great number of online buyers are drawn by the brightness of the photo quality of the product. 

In setting up a studio for the shooting of jewelry, the products are less complicated to shoot because of the size of jewelry—regular sizeable products are more complicated to photograph. Usually, the perfect means of ensuring pictures come out bright is to balance a camera in a way that removes the tendencies of blurriness or low-quality pictures due to jiggling. 

How perfect the quality of a picture look, will determine the number of customers who want to buy them. The instant a jewelry photography skill is perfected, it becomes less complicated to attract the attention of an audience from online markets or photo galleries. 

Jewelry Photography: Things to Know About it

However, this article is written to assist and encourage upcoming jewelry photographers to develop and build their interest in photography—jewelry photography especially by understanding the basic principles in capturing perfect photos in order to attract the best clients in the jewelry photograph business.

Listed below are the things to know about jewelry photography.

How to take Jewelry Pictures Perfectly

In capturing a perfect picture that gives extremely detailed information about a jewelry piece, means that the jewelry photo is clean, focused, bright, and eye-catching. How a photographer captures the image of jewelry, can attract or repel prospective customers that are ready to patronize the jewelry business—this can lead to either the success or failure of the jewelry business. 

Additionally, the quality of tools used in taking pictures of jewelry will determine how perfect the jewelry pictures would be. Photographers’ tools are majorly dependent on how expensive they are—whereas, in reality, the truth is you can improvise. To take a perfect photo of jewelry, you are not necessarily obligated to use the most expensive tools.

However, some jewelry business owners make use of an iPhone or a clear camera Android in capturing their jewelry products for sales, either online or offline sales. Also, by improvising a photographer can decide to buy a photo lighting tool such as the Ring Light to make jewelry images brighter, cleaner, and focused. If buying a camera as an upcoming jewelry photographer is of a big budget, a smartphone with a high-quality camera is not a bad idea—try using it.

Furthermore, to capture a perfect jewelry photo, always use a camera or phone holder such as tripods that help to provide support and also help to avert the effect of jiggling when capturing pictures of jewelry. The use of support, will enhance photo quality and also help photographers to keep the focus on the exact spot of capturing the jewelry. 

Jewelry Photography: Things to Know About it

Finally, to capture a perfect picture, the picture background and lighting have to be flawless—this is crucial to the success of attaining the goal of the jewelry business. A beautiful background makes a jewelry picture stand out likewise, the right lighting when shooting the pictures gives it a pop, shine, and makes the picture appealing to an audience, either on an online store, photo gallery, advertisement board, and many more. 

How to Manage Lighting Properly

In achieving the best jewelry photo quality result, using lighting properly is one way to get excellent results. The answer to proper jewelry photography is brightness, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and if options are given on diamonds and other precious stones photoshoots, there might be a need for glitters. 

Perfect jewelry photography needs exposure, the more exposed the pictures are, the better the chance it gets to shine and get more detailed information of the jewelry piece. This also ensures dominance particularly on the spot where the camera light is focused on.

However, in capturing diamonds and other precious stones, exposing jewelry to too much lighting can whiten the surface of the picture image, but in regular jewelry photography shoots, photographers need tools with perfect lighting capacity to get good and sharp shoots.

In general, faint or low lighting is best used when capturing a jewelry photo. A professional photographer, even an amateur photographer must have come across it that too much lighting does not give the best jewelry pictures. 

How to Enhance Jewelry Photo Backgrounds

To start with, using a white background is advisable if you want to retain the focus of a camera from distraction. Sometimes, black backgrounds are not advisable because it is difficult to keep the focus on and it does not attract the attention of prospective market buyers—in context, it does not add value to the brightness and eye catches features of jewelry like a white background would. 

In capturing the image of perfect jewelry, backgrounds should be put into great consideration. A jewelry background is the number one step to attaining the success or failure of jewelry photography. To make jewelry picture-perfect, the arrangement of the picture background has to be as simple as possible, to help photographers focus more on the details of the jewelry piece.

Also, mapping out a way to apply the details on the jewelry by accurately using the background structure, regardless of if the background is blurred out is very important in enhancing jewelry photography. 

Before capturing the image of a jewelry piece, be attentive to the background and the structure of the picture disposition. Also, it is important to eliminate every form of distraction that can hinder the success of capturing a perfect jewelry photograph. To ensure a standard picture of jewelry photograph, if the lighting is poorly focused or not bright enough, the end product of the picture will not justify the means. 


Jewelry photography can be a bit pressuring and taxing, as photographers have to be creative by coming up with different ideas on how to attract the best clients, and also how best to enhance pictures to click the best business deals. 

To become successful in the jewelry photography business, it is no secret that clients are generally attracted to appealing images that is bright, clean, focused, eye-catching, and pays attention to details. Nonetheless, the pictures of jewelry products need to be exceptional for customers to be attracted to them.

However, having standard jewelry photography should be the prime concern of a jewelry photographer who wishes to elevate and become the center of attraction to potential customers. Choosing the right background structure, capturing a perfect picture, and learning how to properly edit pictures are the major things that make jewelry photography.